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Infielder Skill Checklist

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Becoming a Good Infielder Checklist

  1. Can Field a Ground ball-in, left ,right
  2. Can make the throw to first
  3. Can catch a line drive
  4. Can make the routine play
  5. Knows how to take a creep step
  6. Backs up his neighbors
  7. Knows game situation
  8. Knows where the plays are
  9. Knows what pitch is being thrown
  10. Aware of the type of surface he is playing on
  11. Aware of the weather conditions
  12. Lets his body tell him where to get the out
  13. Tags correctly
  14. Knows when to cover his base
  15. Looks for the next out
  16. Gets good infield practice
  17. Doesn't let throws past
  18. Get his feet to the base
  19. Decoys Runners
  20. Knows when to flip and when to throw
  21. Plays cutoff well
  22. Knows popup precedence
  23. Can go back on  pop up
  24. Gets on top of his throws
  25. Has arm strength
  26. Executes rundowns
  27. Can hold a runner on
  28. Queues the shortstop for throws to second or first
  29. Can throw at different arm angles
  30. Knows pickoff plays
  31. Knows bunt coverages
  32. Knows 1st and 3rd defense
  33. Alerts other infielders and pitcher of their responsibilities
  34. Expects the ball







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